Floral Decorative Cushions

Aria 3D Floral Cushion and Serenity 3D Floral Cushion - https://www.emmacatrin.com

My cushions are one of the products that get the most attention at markets stalls and online. For this reason I thought you all might be interested in learning a little more about where the idea behind them came from.

Not many of you know that I am actually trained in Fashion Design and love designing and making clothing. I especially love womenswear and anything a little bit out there, which is why I love dramatic costumes also. Here's a pic from my graduate collection 'Aglow' for you to enjoy. Let me know if this is something you would like to know more about.

Aglow - Emma Catrin

Soon after university, I started working for a bridal shop which happened to be owned by a British bridal-wear designer. All the gowns were designed and made in house, which meant that when I wasn't fitting brides and helping them find their perfect dress, I was upstairs sewing along with an incredible team who taught me so, so, so much.

I loved all of the fabrics, especially the beautiful beaded laces and the decorative three dimensional modern fabrics that were starting to come through. I began asking the other dressmakers if I could have the scraps that they would otherwise throw away. I desperately wanted to make curtains for my bedroom out of the fabric but could no way afford to order it from the supplier. So after a while of collecting, I started cutting around the offcuts of lace and began pinning them onto ivory tulle. To say they took hours would be a complete understatement, and when it came to hand sewing each tiny piece in place, it was a whole other thing!! But I finally got there and I love them.

I instantly wanted a cushion to match, so I started hand sewing the left over pieces of lace onto the same grey linen that makes the base fabric of my curtains. This cushion is everything! And I love the little mission behind it and the huge one behind the curtains! But it inspired me to make a few more thinking if I love them then maybe other people would.

Variation of the Wonderland 3d Floral Cushion - https://www.emmacatrin.com/

After looking online and in various interior shops I realised that there was nothing else like them anywhere, which made me want to make them even more. The fact that they are all so decorative and three dimensional makes them different to anything else out there. Being hand sewn, many of them from bridal offcuts, means they are 100% unique and one off. Only a few of them are able to be recreated. But it's worth asking if you're interested.

The bridal origin of the fabric also inspired me. I realised that when brides have their dresses fitted and their hems taken up, I could use the offcuts from that to create a personal wedding memorial cushion that the couple could enjoy everyday and keep in their home forever. The perfect personal wedding gift.

Alternatively, using the dress itself as the fabric for the cushion. Since many of us struggle to store wedding dresses after the big day, especially ones with fuller skirts, I'd rather use it to make something new that's just as beautiful, rather than getting rid of the dress all together.

After starting Emma Catrin I wanted to try and create my own decorative fabrics, mostly due to the cost of ordering high quality bridal fabrics. So I then started being creative and covering my floor in fabric flowers, folding sequins (thank you Agi for the idea), and hand embellishing with glass beads. I would spend hours trying out all different layouts and designs until I found one that I liked. Then I would take a photo and start pinning everything in place. Then of course came the hand sewing, and lastly I machine sewed the cushion itself.

Aria 3D Floral Cushion - https://www.emmacatrin.com/cushions

I'm so excited to start design some new cushions for 2021 and hope you all like them.

Emma x

Special thanks to https://www.instagram.com/agnesolahcouture/ for all the tips and tricks to get me started.