Home Decor Trends 2021

I am currently thinking of new ideas for products and designs for this new, and hopefully better, year. Part of this research always involves looking at interior trend prediction as well as fashion shows to see what colours, fabrics and shapes could filter down into our homes and wardrobes.

As a small business, I think it is always important to keep an eye on these trends, but also continue to try and be different and offer something that others aren't; something that mass produced companies wouldn't be able to make. I think there has never been a better time to just do you!

I thought I'd bring my research here and break down some trends I have noticed coming through for our homes and see which ones you all like the most.


Some of the colours that are coming through are lots of earthy, natural colours. Sandy, dried grass tones, as well as browns. These of course look great with hints of gold and the natural neutral shades of pearls and shells.

Contrasting this there looks to be a trend of deep rich colours like dark navys and strong greys. These will look amazing with all the deep green tones of indoor plants.

Alternatively, there is an upsurge of soft blush furniture, as well as using shocking yellows to colour pop against dark greys.


Cottagecore is a recurring interior theme for 2021. Simple, rustic, self made... People are understandably leaning towards homes that feel at one with nature, to escape the modern world. Warm, comforting, whimsical and nostalgic, this trend leans towards the feeling of security and warmth. It sees classic floral wallpapers in dark colours and elements of handmade.

Arts and Crafts is a trend that continues through to 2021. With people spending more time in their homes than ever before, filling the day by creating something yourself has become increasingly popular. We are also more focused on buying the handmade look and ethos, supporting small and local businesses and friends who have turned to arts and crafts as a source of income in this difficult time. The 'environmentally green' and 'made in the UK' importance has also helped towards the 'self-sufficient' recurring theme.

Indoor plants are still going strong! I love plants and the challenge of growing new things, so this is no surprise to me. We are latching onto nature and bringing it into our homes in the form of mini kitchen gardens and indoor, more tropical plants. If this is a theme that you love too, have a look at the pressed flower frames in my shop here: http://www.emmacatrin.com/frames

Lavender Haze Pressed Flower Frame - emmacatrin.com

Africa and other distant hot countries are inspiring interiors of 2021. Artworks of elephants and chunky, hand woven rugs and baskets. As well as, laid back, tropical themes as people miss their holidays and travelling experiences.

Have I missed any? What trends are you enjoying most?